About us

Midloe Grange Farm’s aim is to offer a unique facility to existing groups and companies in order to develop and promote all aspects of land management, be it for crops, countryside or wildlife.

In addition to the areas growing crops, there is a 15 acre ridge and furrow species- rich grass field that provides a link to the historic landscape associated with the former Abbey Grange, an outpost of Warden Abbey, Bedfordshire. The field remained unimproved as part of the grassland on the farm that supported a beef herd until the late 1980’s. The historical and botanical interest of the field was recognised and retained and formed a central part of a Countryside Stewardship scheme that began in 1992 and was extended for a second 10 year agreement in 2002. The field is now a County Wildlife Site.

Other environmental features on the farm include seven historic ponds of varying size, part of the moated boundary surrounding the Grange, species- rich hedgerows and ditch banks and a row of Smooth Leaved Elms that have to date survived the ravages of Dutch Elm Disease which dramatically altered the Huntingdonshire landscape in the 1970’s.

The above have been enhanced by the addition of an Entry Level Stewardship agreement in 2005 that added areas of pollen and nectar and wild bird seed mixes to the existing grass and flower margins that buffer all watercourses on the farm and the SSSI Paxton Wood on the farm’s southern boundary. Stewardship schemes and grassland account for approximately 30 acres on the farm, in addition to 6 acres of woodland planting.

The above countryside management has been carefully sited and managed to allow other areas of the farm to deliver optimum yields of crops grown; 2009 harvest average wheat yield approx 3.85 tons / acre, oilseed rape 1.45 tons / acre.

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