Midloe Farm Advantage

A membership group that offers local farm businesses the opportunity to meet at Midloe on a regular basis, in order to look at all aspects of managing the farms and the countryside.

Meetings cover subjects ranging from agronomy and crop nutrition, variety selection, crop protection application, environmental protection, wildlife and countryside management, cultivation and marketing.

Each individual subject is looked at in the context of its impact on the farm as a whole, often with an example on the farm, in order to assess how practically it may benefit other farms. We are fortunate to have the support of other organisations and businesses who provide the group with specialist expert advice and speakers for meetings.

The links opposite provide access to the services and information they can provide.

Members of Midloe Farm Advantage also have access to a Members Forum, where discussion arising from topics covered at the meetings can continue and link to experts and members experiences. This allows a wider examination of any subject, as well as a live discussion of any current topical issue.

With a background of agronomy, practical application and training, David and Midloe Grange Farm are anticipating playing a leading role in helping promote the options and aims of The Campaign for a Farmed Environment, to secure a workable, sustainable (profitable!) blend of crop production and countryside management for the future.

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