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The personnel at Midloe Grange Farm are delighted to offer the exclusive combine harvesters fleet from New Holland! What are the benefits of our most popular models?


The CX6 series provides integrated automation, which allows the operator to concentrate fully on the job at hand. This model also offers a choice of rotor type (either conventional or interchangeable in design) to meet the needs of different environments. Both styles include easy access to the rear to maintain the crop flow. Furthermore, the CX6 model is equipped with a transmission system that can be quickly adjusted to the operator's requirements.


The CR9 model features a crop dividers system, which contains special teeth to perfectly separate cereal and grass seeds. The machine provides a reliable threshing system, which uses strong teeth for separation and a large cylinder area for top-notch grain collection. The CR9 also offers a larger grain bin, ensuring that the operator can quickly manipulate the harvest during the process.