Cropping at Midloe

For harvest 2010, we have 22 hectares (55 acres) of winter oilseed rape, 31 hectares of Cordiale winter wheat, which is grown to produce a quality that meets standards for milling into breadmaking flour and 22 hectares of Oakley winter wheat which produces grain for livestock feed.

The Oakley is grown as a high yielding variety after break crops of rape or beans. Higher yields of first wheats help reduce the net cost of each tonne produced, by spreading overheads over more tonnes.

Wheat grown after wheat usually yields less and therefore we try and grow a variety that attracts a premium above feed wheat to add value. Our average yields for wheat are around 10 tonnes / hectare (4 tons / acre) and 4 tonnes / hectare (1.5 tons / acre) for oilseed rape. Other work on the farm includes nutrient management using GPS, to variably apply nutrients according to the requirements of the soils within the fields. Soil sampling and digital imagery are also used to calculate how much nitrogen the crop needs to achieve the optimum yield and quality we have targeted.

We add value to the cropping in another way, by sowing areas of the farm to produce seed for farmland birds and pollen and nectar for bees, butterflies and insects. These are sited around the farm, to benefit the wildlife and landscape, but also to fit in with the commercial crops being grown.

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